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Properties For Sale South East London

South East London has 5 different boroughs. These boroughs are Southwark, Lewisham, Greenwich, Bexley, and Bromley. If you want to purchase one of the properties for sale South East London, you will always have something to do because there is plenty to do nearby and around London due to it being such as busy place, some of the things to do include visiting the many different museums, valence house and Crystal Palace Park, you can also visit many different shopping centres, local attractions such as theme parks or go out for a nice meal with family. There are a huge variety of houses for sale south east London for you to choose from these will include small bungalows and apartments ideal for one or two people, larger 4/5 bedroom homes ideal for families, and also your more traditional 2 and 3 bedroom homes ideal for couples and smaller families.

Several of the houses for sale south east London, have been recently built which means they have a modern look to them. Alongside being able to purchase one of these fantastic houses for sale south east London, they are have a selection of penthouses which can provide stunning views such as sunsets and sun rises which will spread across the busy city of London. A selection of the larger homes, come with gardens or land, these are ideal for families with children as they can spend time playing outdoors, especially on warm summer days, you can also have barbecues and invite family around during the summer.

There are several fantastic homes in south east London to choose from which are available to individuals who chose the option of shared ownership. Shared ownership means you will be able to own a share of the property but pay rent for the remaining share of the property. Shared ownership is a government scheme which helps people to get onto the property ladder; this is mostly aimed towards first time buyers. Shared ownership means you will have the option of purchasing larger shares into the home at a later date, this is called stair casing. People may choose to stair casing as it will reduce the rent that they pay and because when it comes to selling your home, the bigger the percentage of the property that you own, the more profit you will make from it if the value of your home is increased. You can purchase as little as a 10% share per transaction; the problem with this is that several housing associations normally limit you to a maximum of three transactions. This means that if you want to have complete ownership of the property you need to achieve 100% ownership by your third transaction.

To be eligible for shared ownership, you will need to be at least 18 years old, be a first-time buyer, however under some other circumstances which housing associations will allow you to go through with shared ownership depending on your current situation. Your household income must be less than £60,000.